Honor Your Mentor

Honor Your Mentor

MENTOR (def): a wise and trusted counselor; one who shares knowledge, advice, and resources to further another’s life path; the person in which you can share ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’ to garner true and experienced feedback and support.

Do you know anyone who fits this definition? Have you had support from one or more people to aid in your personal and professional growth?

W2WM’s Honor Your Mentor (HYM) program is an opportunity to thank the mentors that have influenced our lives by donating in their name to Woman to Woman Mentoring. Culminating with a small recognition event, HYM is a phenomenal way to recognize those who have provided the resources necessary to advance your career, offered feedback on how to balance life’s demands, provided a listening ear when needed most, and more! We encourage nominations by and for men and women, both inside and outside of the Frederick area.

2018 Nominations

Melissa Curtis Cherry honors Tonya Hatosy-Stier
Melissa Curtis Cherry honors Amy Savitt
Jennifer Frank honors Kathy Frawley
Rebecca Hammad honors Myrtice Atrice
Tonya Hatosy-Stier honors Pat Hanberry
Laura McCullough honors Elizabeth “Betsy” Day
Michele Mils honors Ken Mills
Melissa Muntz honors Becky Bickerton
Amy Savitt honors Adam House
Lisa Shuster honors Mary Ann Kmetyk
Alex Uphold honors Lindsey Bernier
Alex Uphold honors Karen Michaels
Alex Uphold honors Lauren Brenneman
Felicia Warfield honors Bethany Lord
Ashley Waters honors Sonya Crosby
Ashley Waters honors Kim Swistock
Peggy Waxter honors Kathy Frawley
Peggy Waxter honors Janice Brown
Peggy Waxter honors George Waxter
Cory Wilson honors Ryan Donovan


Donations to W2WM through this campaign support our mission of cultivating mentoring relationships
that provide women with guidance, support, and community connections. Nominated mentors will
receive a framed certificate to honor her/him for National Mentoring Day. This certificate will be given at
the recognition reception or mailed if you or your mentor cannot attend. Additionally, you and your
mentor will be recognized in The Frederick News-Post and on the Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc.


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