Mentee Application

Mentee Application

Our mission at Woman to Woman Mentoring Inc. (W2WM) is to cultivate mentoring relationships that provide women with guidance, support, and community connections. To accomplish that, we offer programs that provide young women ages 18-35 with a volunteer mentor in addition to monthly workshops focused on career, education, and life skills.

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Do you live or work in Frederick County? If yes, where? If no, please contact us for more info. We currently serve the Frederick County region.*

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Creating education goals/plan
Creating career goals/plan
Creating personal goals/plan
Balancing the demands of life
Expanding knowledge of/involvement in the community
Exploring new career options
Progressing in your current field
Meeting people in your fields of interest
Having guidance in decision-making
Coping with transition
Having an accountability partner

Should you have any questions please call: 301-846-2556 or email
Woman to Woman Mentoring Inc. is committed to ensuring diversity in our program. Questions about age allow us to retain our focus on the age groups which we are chartered to serve. Questions about ethnicity, professional interests, hobbies, etc. provide us with information to help ensure our mentoring program engages a variety of knowledge, backgrounds, experience, and attitudes from which we can all grow and learn.


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