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Our mission at Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc is to cultivate mentoring relationships that provide women with guidance, support, and community connections. We offer programs that are uniquely geared toward women who are seeking support during a time of growth and change. We strive to cultivate new relationships, develop new skills, and mentor any young woman who wants a mentor in her life.

We all have a need for insight that is outside of our normal life and educational experience. The power of mentoring is that it creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for collaboration, goal achievement, and problem solving. Our goal is to cultivate new relationships that support increased confidence, self-sufficiency, and connection to our community.

W2WM Timeline of Events

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    2004 - 2005

    The Frederick County Commission for Women (FCCFW) conducted a Needs Assessment Survey that examined the key needs and priorities of women in Frederick County. The study consisted of eight focus groups and a written questionnaire distributed randomly throughout the county. Virtually all of the focus group sessions raised the topic of “mentoring” as an unmet need for women in the county.

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    FCCFW embarks on creating a mentoring program. A group of three FCCFW commissioners met around a kitchen table to begin plans for a meeting with women leaders in the community to discuss how to make it happen. An Advisory Board is formed and the program is initially named the “Winning Women Mentoring Program of Frederick County.” The FCCFW provides more than $10,000 in seed money raised from their annual golf tournament.

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    Frederick Community College (FCC) President, Dr. Carol Eaton, agrees to have the program housed in the Office of Adult Services at FCC.

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    The Ausherman Family Foundation awards Woman to Woman Mentoring a $50,000 matching grant, enabling the program to take the needed steps to launch.

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    W2WM hires its first staff member, Karen Justice, as the Program Coordinator. In September, the first pilot program class of mentees and mentors launches.

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    Our second staff member, Jenny Burgard, is hired as a Case Manager and our first annual Clutch the Future purse auction fundraiser is held, raising $26,000. Also this year, the FCCFW received an outstanding recognition award at its national conference for its creation of W2WM.

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    Our second Program Coordinator, Katherine Douglass, is hired.

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    Our Social Enterprise, the W2WM Pop-Up Shop, is launched.

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    Our third Program Coordinator, Tonya Hatosy-Stier, and second Case Manager, Amy Savitt, are hired. The dream team is born…

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    W2WM begins offering two core programs a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.

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    W2WM becomes its own 501c3 non-profit organization.

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