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In our CORE Program, we match young women between the ages of 18-35 years old, in an inter-generational relationship with a volunteer mentor. The mentoring pair works together one-on-one and join together as a community on a monthly basis to share life experiences in our “life skill” workshops. Our goal is to cultivate new relationships that support increased confidence, self-sufficiency, and connection to our community.

5 Elements To Our CORE Program

  • 1. Getting to know you

    Through our interview process, we get to know each mentee and volunteer mentor. Once we have found a match for each of our mentees, we have a “Meet and Greet” and “Orientation” to help start the process of connection and setting expectations. From there, pairs are encouraged to meet one-on-one 2- 4 hours per month. This is flexible!

  • 2. Keeping it real, “life skill” workshops

    Mentoring pairs attend monthly “life skill” workshops together. The schedule is mapped out for the year and we encourage participants to plan to attend every workshop. The workshops are offered on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, and run from 6-9 pm.

  • 3. Pay it Forward

    We have volunteer and job opportunities through our social enterprise called the “Pop-Up Shop” and we encourage the mentoring pairs to support the shop by volunteering up to 10 hours over the course of the program. Pop-up shops are a TON of fun and a great way to network in our community with other professionals.

  • 4. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    We encourage mentees to build relationships within our W2W Mentoring Community. Mentees have the opportunity to build relationships with up to 50 other women from our Frederick Community who can help you with job searching, networking, volunteering and connecting. We have an incredibly encouraging community.

  • 5. Communication is KEY!

    This program is designed to support the mentee. We strive to make it the BEST experience for YOU. We encourage open and honest communication.

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