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W2WM Participates in the 2021 Unity Campaign for Frederick

1 in 3 Frederick County households struggle to afford basic human needs. The 2021 Unity Campaign for Frederick in unity with 31 local nonprofit organizations including W2WM will take place beginning on Wednesday, March 10th and ending Sunday, March 21st. What’s unique about this fundraising campaign is that it is

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Mentee Spotlight: Lusmerlin L.

“When I began the CORE Program, I had just arrived in Frederick, and was starting from zero. No job, no friends, no family around me (only my new husband). People don’t really know how much anxiety and stress that actually entails, all the sudden changes, dealing with new expectations, and

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Mentee Spotlight: Cat Dorsey

I am the Director of Client Services at The Religious Coalition, a nonprofit that works to alleviate the effects of poverty on #FrederickCountyMD residents, where I manage our emergency financial assistance programs. Joining the Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc.’s CORE Program opened different doors for me.

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Taking Action, Moving Forward

“One of the most dangerous times in an abusive relationship is when you are leaving it. And not only was I leaving it, but I was also desperately hanging on to the small farm my kids and I call home. I was counting change to have enough gas to get

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