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Mentee Spotlight: Irina Sbornova, Psychology + Biology Major

by W2WM Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker The Women in STEM Program virtually continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, though most college students across the country experienced difficult setbacks like housing, food security, unmet mental health needs, and whether they’d be able to build their resumes with job shadowing opportunities, fieldwork,

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Mentor Spotlight: Lindsay Burdette, Both the Mentor & the Mentee

by Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker Even Mentors Have Mentors! “Being a mentor is extremely important and it is essential. Mentoring is an honor and privilege and not everyone is suited for such great responsibilities. A mentee may need structure, advice, or a listening ear. It is beautiful when a

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Mentee Spotlight: Jordan Reed-Estes, Women in STEM Program

by W2WM Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker Recent Hood College grad, Jordan Reed-Estes graduated with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy Major with a concentration in Chemistry, and we couldn’t be more excited for her! She also successfully completed her internship with the Department of State Bureau of Oceans and

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Mentee Spotlight: Dr. Jackie Bauer, Mentee to Mentor

by W2WM Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker The very first time that all our new mentees and their mentors meet, one of the main points that we always make is this: The effort that you put into your mentoring relationship, the program, and yourself is what you will take away

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