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2024 Unity Campaign – All you need to know!

Unity Campaign is coming up and we are so honored to be a partnering organization for another year! Unity Campaign runs from March 6-20, 2024, and is a great way to get everyone involved! This is a chance to support your community. From donating to attending an event, grabbing some yummy treats at a restaurant, or becoming a fundraiser yourself. The possibilities are endless!  

W2WM has put together a little toolkit to provide you with information on how to support W2WM and how to become a fundraiser yourself! 

Matching Sponsors for the Unity Campaign: 

  • Ausherman Family Foundation 
  • Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. 
  • Natelli Communities 
  • The Randall Charitable Trust Donor Advised Fund, a component fund of the Community Foundation of Frederick County 


Events During Unity Campaign: 


W2WM Networking Event

RAK Brewing (400 Sagner Avenue | 21701)  | Thursday, March 21, 2024 from 4-7p

Come out to RAK Brewing, a partner in the Unity Campaign, for a fun networking event and to celebrate Woman to Woman Mentoring being awarded the Organization of the Year for 2024 by The Frederick County Commission for Women! A percentage of proceeds go towards continuing to provide free mentoring programs to women in the community! 

How to Become A Fundraiser 

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser, or philanthropy is new to you, you can join the W2W fundraising team. So many of our alumni are service-minded and spend time volunteering already, which is a great way to aid an organization. Raising funds is another great way to contribute to causes that matter to you. 

Click on the following link to get to the W2W fundraising page for the Unity Campaign: Woman to Woman Mentoring Unity Fundraising Page. You can either make a one-time donation, or you can make your own page. 

To become a fundraiser, click on the white button labeled “Join This Team.” This link will take you to the following page to fill out your basic information.   

Once you have completed the information and have clicked the blue button, “Become a Fundraiser” You will be prompted to add your response that shows what W2WM means to you. This is a chance to show why you care about W2WM and why you are getting involved! Feel free to speak from your heart or use our main page’s impact statement.  

Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc. provides women with guidance, support, and community connections through mentoring relationships. Through our programming we offer women the opportunity to:

  • Be heard. Discover how sharing “you” can start to open doors.
  • Take action. Dig into your challenges and explore the possibilities.
  • Get the information and encouragement needed for new habits to take root.
  • Move forward. Collect small wins that help to create momentum!
  • Grow without limits. Enjoy an extended community that remains committed to your success.

Our innovative programs combine the power of one-one-one mentoring and community-building workshops to help women identify and work toward their goals in education, career, and life. We are a strong community of connectors, collaborators, guiders, and bridge-builders. We use our platform to amplify the voices of others, affirm their value, and spotlight their strengths and help ALL women thrive.

Fundraising can be Intimidating…  

It can be challenging to solicit donations from friends and family. For this campaign, remind yourself that no amount is too small. Here are some ways that you can fundraise and make it fun while doing it! 

  1. Share your “why”. Let everyone know why this project is meaningful to you! 
  2. Take a friend, family, or co-workers out to enjoy one of the events that we have or meet up at one of Unity Campaign’s partner locations.  
  3. Share ideas and encouragement in the W2W Alumni Facebook group. This is a great opportunity to try fundraising for a great cause that serves women in our community. 

Do what feels right and be genuine. Woman to Woman Mentoring encourages you to find a way to contribute that is meaningful to you.  










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