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Mentee Spotlight: Shana Knight

By: Shana Knight

My name is Shana Knight and I was part of the Woman to Woman Mentoring 2018-19 cohort.

Prior to starting the program, I was in an interesting period of my life as I became new mother and felt that I had a brand-new meaning to life. I wanted to be more for my daughter, and I wanted to make sure that I had a plan to excel and grow professionally. I struggled with confidence, the ability to advocate for myself and I did not understand my value and worth.

As I embarked on my personal development journey, I applied for Woman to Woman Mentoring.

In my initial interview with Woman to Woman Mentoring, I listed out all the things I wanted for myself – to be a hardworking mother and a great role model for my daughter, I wanted to start a nonprofit, I wanted to increase my income, I wanted to buy a house and so much more. As a result of that interview, I was matched with my mentor.

I remember the day that my mentor was revealed to me. We were in a room networking with all mentors and mentees before we knew who our matches were. I met Deb. She and I connected instantly. I thought to myself “I truly hope this is my mentor, she just gets me.” And Sure enough, Deb was my mentor and perfect match!

Deb was a woman that I grew to admire and I truly looked up to. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a professional. I instantly knew that I was going to learn so much from her. She helped me organize and prioritize my goals and gave me invaluable career advice.

In addition to my monthly meet ups with my mentor, Woman to Woman offered workshops that were extremely helpful.

As I look at my life now, five years later, I am proud to have accomplished more than what I set out for. I have more than doubled my salary, I have bought a home, I have started a nonprofit and so much more. I can attribute much of this success to my participation in Woman-to-Woman Mentoring’s program and my amazing mentor during this time, Deb.



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