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Mentee Spotlight: Lauren Paulet

Lauren, a recent CORE Mentoring Program graduate, was looking for a safe space to bring her positive and feminine energy. She was yearning for in-person experiences and real connections. With the help of our former ED, Lauren took that leap. In this blog post, you’ll hear Lauren’s experience and how she received what she was looking for, and then some! 

Lauren moved from Washington, DC and took some time to get adjusted in Frederick. It was still the peak of COVID, and it was a time of isolation for so many – but she was looking for ways to become a deeper part of the community. She first heard about Woman to Woman Mentoring from then Executive Director, Ashley Waters. They took a stroll and after hearing about Lauren’s needs, Ashley strongly encouraged her to check out the CORE Mentoring Program. She waited about a year before applying to the program. “I’m glad I waited because this program requires time and attention from both the mentees and the mentors. You get out what you put in, and it’s only for six months so make it worth it!” she said.  

With her mom and sisters always being supportive and her sorority sisters providing her with a family away from home, Lauren was no

 stranger to a strong community of women. Woman to Woman Mentoring provided Lauren with an additional set of supportive women that would help guide her through a new time in her life story: adulthood. Her mentor, Heidi Keeny, and her quickly grew close and considered each other friends. “Even after the program we still chat and meet from time to time! We’ve become good friends, and I’m not sure if our paths would’ve crossed were it not for this program. “Lauren stated. 

The biggest surprise in Lauren’s journey with W2WM, is how much she enjoyed the in-person workshops. Lauren shared, “I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the monthly workshops! Nowadays, people see a lot of convenience in meeting remotely – but there is something just incredibly special about the safe, welcoming, and empowering space Woman to Woman creates in person. I left every single workshop feeling more energized than when I first arrived. I can’t think of any other time I felt THAT empowered at 9PM.”  

Over six months, Lauren was able to evaluate every aspect of her life past, present, and future. She was able to connect with a supportive group of women and even created long lasting friendships with her mentor, as well as a fellow mentee.  

“The diverse perspectives in our cohort have given me unique insight on the next steps I plan to take in my life. There is simply so much more possibility than I originally imagined!”

When asked what advice Lauren had for future mentees, her response was “Make sure you set aside time to commit to it! It is so much more worthwhile when you actively participate and lean into the program. Whatever you do, do NOT miss wisdom in the room.” 

Make sure you don’t miss out on the wisdom in the room by being a part of one of our upcoming cohorts! Follow this link to apply now and become a mentee today!





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