Become a Mentor – Your Story Has Power

Thinking about becoming a mentor, but have some doubts? We understand. We want you to know that your unique life experiences could be the perfect inspiration for a young woman seeking guidance and encouragement as she discovers her path in life. We invite you to become a mentor and help lead others to create their own personal journeys. We want you to rethink mentorship and what it means to be “qualified.” Don’t count yourself out– your experiences can make a bigger impact than you realize – because your story has power.


Your story has the power to encourage.

Think back to when you were a young adult–did you feel like you had all the answers? Did you feel equipped to face life’s challenges? The mentees in our programs are facing the same obstacles and asking similar questions. By sharing your story, you could be the motivation they need.


Your story has the power to be supportive.

We want our mentors to be their authentic selves; you don’t have to “have it all together” to have a strong connection with your mentee. Instead, we encourage you to be vulnerable and open about your personal journey. Our mentees have plenty of adult authority figures in their lives, so having a mentor is an opportunity for you to come alongside and be a supportive partner instead.


Your story has the power to lead by example.

Not every woman has the same aspirations in life. We all have different goals for our careers, hobbies, personal lives, families, and finances. Your choices might look different than someone else’s, and that’s a good thing! We want to match our mentees with a mentor who can relate to them and be an example of what it looks like to pursue their personal goals.


Your story has the power to inspire.

To be a great mentor, you don’t have to have a personal journey that sounds like it was written for Hollywood. You may think your story is “normal,” but we promise you it’s not! Every choice, success, and failure leads to valuable life experiences. And when you share that hard-won wisdom with a younger woman, it can be the inspiration she needs to move her life forward.

Here’s What to Expect


First, fill out an application for one of our programs and share a little bit about you and your journey.


Next, you’ll meet with a staff member to get to know each other, talk about our programs, and answer your questions.


New program start dates vary by cohort. We will share those time frames with you during our initial chat and when we have a mentee match.


Once we’ve identified a mentee match for you, you’ll attend Mentor Training, Meet & Greet, and Orientation for the next available program start date.

Get Involved

Have more questions? Here are three ways you can learn more about becoming a mentor.

Want to Talk Face-to-Face?

Have a chat with our Senior Program Manager, Amy Savitt, to learn more about becoming a mentor.

Schedule Now

Ready to Jump Right In?

Fill out our application, and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

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CORE Mentoring

For Mentees Age 18-35 and Mentors Over 35

A general mentorship program for personal and professional development, focusing on each mentee’s education, career, or personal interests.  This is a free program. Time commitment:  6 months; 1 hour per week one-on-one with mentee, plus 10 evening workshops with the whole cohort.

Women in STEM

For ages 18-25

Mentorship for STEM undergrads, graduate students, and young professionals, focusing on connections to STEM women, information on STEM education paths, and information on STEM career paths.  This is a free program. Time commitment: 1 academic year, 2 hours per month one-on-one with mentee, 2-3 virtual evening workshops per semester.

Mentoring Circles

For women 35+

Designed specifically for Frederick County women aged 35+, this 6-part program allows you the opportunity to be both the mentee and the mentor. You’ll hear other women’s experiences and perspectives while sharing your own to help one another move forward.


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