Women Thrive When You Support W2WM

We are a strong and supportive community of connectors, collaborators, supporters, guiders, uniters, and bridge-builders. We care. We listen. We love. We believe in acceptance and understanding. We are real. We are confidence builders. We are learners. We love the diversity of our community and celebrate both our uniqueness and our differences. We strive to achieve equity, inclusion, and belonging and to use our platform to amplify the voices of others, affirm their value, and spotlight their strengths.

Through our one-on-one and community mentoring programs, women are thriving in Frederick County. By supporting Woman to Woman Mentoring, you are part of their stories. Thank you for joining the mentoring movement.

Join the Mentoring Movement

Invest Monthly

Set up your credit card to donate monthly to W2WM programs. Your ongoing support is critical to the growing needs of women in our community. 

Invest by Check

Send your contribution to:
Woman to Woman Mentoring, Inc.
PO Box 1660, Frederick, MD 21702

Invest in Other Ways

W2WM welcomes gifts of stock, gifts from donor-advised funds, and other funding opportunities. Please contact our staff to discuss.


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