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Honoring Outgoing Board of Directors: A Tribute to Their Contributions 

Our Board of Directors plays a significant role in the success of Woman to Woman Mentoring and some of them may have played an even bigger role than you may realize! From starting the organization, to becoming the first paid employee, to being the backbone of our finance committee, our board members have had a major impact. Today, we recognize some of these women as their terms end and they depart from our Board. We are deeply grateful for the time, talent, and passion they’ve shared with us over the years.  

Melissa Curtis Cherry 

Melissa Curtis Cherry has been on our Board of Directors for over 10 years, but she didn’t start there. Her role in our organization started before there even was a Board! In 2009, the Frederick County Commission for Women did a needs assessment which found that women were seeking opportunities for mentoring. Some women in the Frederick Community decided to create those opportunities! Woman to Woman Mentoring’s origin story begins with “It all started with women sitting around a kitchen table,” and Melissa was one of those women! Melissa has held various executive committee positions, has been the volunteer manager for several Clutch events, has led mentor training sessions as well as alumnae hikes, and has been a mentor to 10 different mentees!   

Michele Mills 

Michele Mills is a force to be reckoned with. This powerhouse joined our Board of Directors in 2007 as thea Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. She’s been a wise and dedicated financial decision-maker in pretty much every financial move since then. Michele also played a key role in W2WM’s 501(c)3 application and transition process back in 2015, has been a trusted purse consultant for every Clutch the Future, and has also been a mentor!   W2WM has been privileged to have Michele’s care and expertise since the earliest days. 


Veronica Lowe 

Veronica started as a mentor with Woman to Woman Mentoring. She became a member of our Board of Directors in 2018. She has continued to spread the word and awareness of our organization. She even has a famous story of how she promoted Woman to Woman Mentoring so well on an Uber drive that the young woman pulled out her phone right then and there to apply to the program. There is not a moment that goes by that she is not shouting Woman to Woman Mentoring from the rooftops! We are honored to have had such a dedicated and phenomenal woman be a part of our Board of Directors and we can’t wait to see where Veronica’s journey takes her next 

Laura Clarke 

Laura Clarke started her journey with Woman to Woman Mentoring in 2015 as a mentor and since 2021 has served on our Board of Directors. Laura has been an advocate and ambassador for our organization and headed up our  Pop Up Shop efforts.   Her teamwork, dedication, thoughtful questions, honesty, and sense of humor have been valued throughout her time with W2WM.    


Ellen Martin 

Ellen Martin started off in W2WM as a mentee and was so dedicated to Woman to Woman Mentoring that she assisted running our Pop Up Shop even while living in another state! She officially joined the Board of Directors in 2022. Ellen’s creative problem-solving and hands-on style elevated our Pop Up Shop and brought a fresh perspective to the Board.  You can read an earlier feature from our Blog. 

“Michele, Melissa, Veronica, Laura, and Ellen all have contributed to the incredible strategic upward movement of the Woman to Woman Mentoring Board, organization, staff, and community. Their dedication to our mission and community involvement has been steadfast, and specifically regarding Melissa and Michele, groundbreaking.” – Andi Overton, Board President 


These phenomenal women have shared their special gifts and passions with W2WM in so many ways, and they’ve each had an impact on our organization as we know it today.  They’re excellent examples of seeing a need and opportunity in our community and working together to make things happen.  It’s been an honor to have them on our board, and we look forward to the ways they’ll stay involved as volunteers, advisors, mentors, and ambassadors.  When you’re a part of Woman to Woman Mentoring, you are a part of a family of supportive women, so this is not “goodbye” just “see you soon!” 



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