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Women’s History Month Lookback at W2WM’s Start

March is such an important month for women around the world. This is a chance to recognize the accomplishments women have made globally and throughout history. It is also a reminder of the sacrifices women have made before us and that we continue to make today. As we look back at

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Help to Power Mentoring through the 2023 Unity Campaign  

W2WM (Woman to Woman Mentoring) is back as a partnering organization for the Unity Campaign, a collective community campaign aimed to serve those who identify as ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) in our communities. Approximately 2/3 of the women W2WM serves identify as ALICE. Through this campaign, we can

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W2WM: Top 5 Ways to Thank Your Mentor!

January is National Mentoring Month and during this month, we encourage you to reflect on those who have played a role as a mentor in your journey. Let’s have an attitude of gratitude this month, together.   Here are 5 ways you can thank your mentor in 2023! 1. Shout

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Alumnae Advisory Council: Meet the Crew!

Earlier this fall, we announced the formation of an Alumnae Advisory Council. Designed to help our board and staff review our programs, help to brainstorm new opportunities for learning and engagement and act as a voice for W2WM alumnae in various efforts, we know this group will help W2WM remain

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