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The Power of Mentorship and the Mentors that Matter!

Over 350 women have served as mentors, with some returning year after year for a new mentee match.  W2WM invites women with all kinds of personal and professional backgrounds to serve as mentors.  A diverse mentor pool greatly increases the chance of a strong match for each mentee.  Each year we strive to have our most diverse mentor pool yet, and we welcome all women to reach out to learn more about becoming a mentor!  

CORE Mentee Ashley shares about her mentor, “It was a great experience learning from and getting to know such an accomplished professional. I feel like my mentor cared about me personally and was invested in my success.”  

It was amazing. I still remember my mentor to this day [10 years later!].  It felt amazing to be supported by such strong, caring, and supportive women. Definitely an opportunity you should take if you haven’t yet.. mentee or mentor!❤️”  CORE Mentee, Caroline tells us. 

Mentees in our Women in STEM Mentorship Program are college students interested in STEM fields, and having a STEM professional as a mentor is invaluable as they plan their futures.  Though numbers are growing for women in STEM, there is still a lot of work to do to nurture young women’s passions so they are even better prepared to pursue and persist in STEM educations and careers.  We are proud to connect them with some of the incredible STEM women in our area who have volunteered as mentors.   

My mentor gave me so much insight into my career by sharing her experiences as a woman into IT with no computer science degree. It is really inspiring to see how far a women can achieve and grow in her career.”  -Camila, STEM Mentee 

Being a mentee through this program has been life changing. I am majoring in chemical engineering and was told about the W2WM program by one of my engineering professors.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity for more connections, not only for support as I navigated the new process of college transfer, but also to learn from others in the field I am so passionate about.” – Lanie, STEM Mentee   

Gaining a community of like-minded women whose goal is to see mentees win is what W2WM is all about.  We want our mentees to walk away with a clear vision, a great path to follow, and a team of awesome women on their side.  But what do our mentors get out of it?  Mentors consistently tell us that they learn and benefit from participating in W2WM just as much as the mentees do!  With gained perspective, a new sense of purpose, and lifelong connections, our mentors say they receive as much as they give!   

I so enjoy serving as a mentor in the CORE program! The experience is incredibly rewarding. I love that by sharing my knowledge, experiences and connections, I am helping my mentee grow personally and professionally.” – Alison, CORE Mentor  

January is National Mentoring Month, where we celebrate the power of mentorship.  In our community, W2WM is celebrating nearly 1000 women who have given and received mentorship through our CORE, STEM, and Mentoring Circle Programs.  We thank our mentors for their commitment and service to Woman to Woman Mentoring and the women of Frederick County, and we look forward to meeting our future mentees and mentors! 

Are you looking to volunteer? Become a mentor and share your unique story with a mentee who needs to hear it! Visit Mentors ( 



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