Become a Mentor

CORE Mentoring

Assisting women who desire personal and professional guidance to help them move forward by providing a supportive environment for goal planning, skill building, and personal development. Our goal is to cultivate new relationships that foster increased confidence, self-sufficiency, and connection to our community. This is a free program.

Women in STEM

Connecting STEM women students with STEM women professionals as mentor and role models. Our goal is to cultivate new relationships that help women pursue and persist in STEM majors and careers. This is a free program.

Women who have life experiences to share, are great listeners, have caring hearts, and are interesting in having a major impact in the community make great mentors! By becoming a volunteer mentor, you will work one-on-one with a mentee to provide support and guidance as she develops and works toward her education, career, and/or life goals. We are always looking for mentors, so now is always the right time to apply!


  • MATCHING: Upon completing your application, our staff will contact you to set up your interview. Your application and interview are key methods that we use to help match you with your mentee, so please expect a call and/or email from us once you have completed the application. Matching will occur when we find a mentee for you.
    • STEM Program: Mentors should have career experience in a STEM field since the mentees are undergraduates, who are exploring and pursing careers in STEM.
    • CORE Program: is for mentees of all backgrounds who want to make strides in any career field, educational program, and/or focusing on personal development. Therefore the experiences of the mentors vary widely.
  • BE CONSISTENT: Consistently meet with your mentee one-on-one. These getting-to-know-you meetings, build the foundation for your relationship and establish your partnership. Then your meetings will transition to be focused more on your mentee’s personal and professional development.
    • CORE Program: You will meet with your mentee once per week.
    • STEM Program: You will meet with your mentee at least one hour once per month.
  • SHOW UP: Attend scheduled workshops 1 – 2 evenings per month. Workshops are usually 1.5-2 hours long and give you an opportunity to learn with, from, and about the other women in the group. Workshops are about gaining new information and skills, as well as building a community with the group.
  • PUT EFFORT IN: We hear from mentors all the time telling us how much they learned and gained from their mentees. Open conversation, open hearts, and open minds benefit mentee and mentor equally.


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