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Learning about our Strengths: A Partnership with Legacy Financial

One of the cornerstones of Woman to Woman Mentoring’s programming is Gallup’s CliftonStrengths. By offering our mentees an opportunity to learn about their strengths, they begin applying and investing in them to spark real change. To give each of our mentees the full CliftonStrengths opportunity, we are thrilled to partner with Legacy Financial Associates. Legacy Financial has been providing our StrengthFinders book for more than eight years. Hear why they partner with us and believe in knowing and using your strengths!

Why is it important to support Woman to Woman Mentoring mentees?

Too often women are solely focused on taking care of other people and they fail to plan and set goals for their own financial wellness.  Legacy Financial Associates understands the consequences of not planning properly for unexpected life events or future financial needs.  Both Woman to Woman Mentoring and Legacy Financial Associates encourage self-awareness, personal growth and life-long learning so that women can make positive financial changes for the future.

What do you think is the connection between knowing your strengths/ being able to use them and financial wellness?

Based on Gallup’s 40-year study of human strengths, the Gallup scientists found that people tend to devote more time to fixing shortcomings rather than developing their strengths.  However, they also found that people who invest their energy in developing their strengths have several times more potential for growth.  Knowing your strengths can help you discover choices, utilize tools and take meaningful actions to achieve financial well-being.

What advice or thoughts would you like to share with our mentees, readers, or mentors?

Woman to Woman Mentoring and Legacy Financial Associates value the importance of collaborating to provide a community for educating and empowering women and to help all women thrive.  Both organizations can provide the education, tools, and supportive environment for effective goal planning.  Supporting and building women’s confidence can lead to women making decisions to be financially self-sufficient.

Plug! What do you want readers to know about Legacy Financial?

As an organization, we adopted the “Strengths” model in 2014 and we hired a coach to help us reframe the flow of our processes, capitalizing on the strengths of the team.  The same is true for our clients, we try to meet each client to determine where they are, educate them about their needs and provide a plan they can engage in to accomplish their own financial goals.

Legacy Financial Associates strives to provide WISE© Retirement Solutions: Wealth Management – Income Planning – Security/Protection – Estate Planning

For more than two decades, the Legacy team has been successfully guiding clients through the complex challenges of accumulating, preserving and distributing their life savings.  You can visit their website to request free life guides and access articles, newsletters and calculators for your financial education and planning needs.  The Legacy team can offer you a complementary planning session to assist you with setting and accomplishing your financial goals.


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