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Alumnae Advisory Council: Meet the Crew!

Earlier this fall, we announced the formation of an Alumnae Advisory Council. Designed to help our board and staff review our programs, help to brainstorm new opportunities for learning and engagement and act as a voice for W2WM alumnae in various efforts, we know this group will help W2WM remain impactful and relevant, expand to meet new needs, and bring together all women in our community.  

With that, we are beyond excited to introduce our 2023 Alumnae Advisory Council!  


Valerie Eden (Core Mentee | 2013) 

“I love the energy that surrounds community and development. I’ve seen some wonderful accomplishments and achievements made possible by W2WM” 


Ashley Bennett (Core Mentee | 2021) 

“Having other women to learn from and a community to provide encouragement and support through life and career transitions” 




Regina Royal (STEM Mentee | 2018

“One thing about being a part of the W2WM community that I love is the mentorship.



Jenna Kahn (CORE Mentee | 2022) 

“Making friends with women of all different ages in different life stages who are willing to share their struggles and successes” 



Emily Novak (CORE Mentee | 2022) 

“I love that W2WM has helped me create new connections with women like myself who are on a journey of self-discovery.” 



Tricia Jenkins (CORE Mentee | 2022) 

“I love the obvious genuine desire to help others that the program inspires and facilitates within the classes. I also really enjoy the ability to grow a network to build deep relationships with, while also having resources (and being a resource) to reach out to when you need something.” 




Takamma Wallace-Berry (CORE Mentee | 2022)

“I love being a part of W2WM because everyone is so welcoming and accepting. Mentors and everyone else stay connected even after the class.” 



Andrea Baker (CORE Mentee | 2017) 

“One thing that I love about being a part of the the W2WM community is knowing that we are a resource to each other. That anytime we need something, anything at all, that all we need to do is ask.” 




Audrey Averill (CORE Mentee | 2019)

“One thing about being a part of W2WM that I love is the connections made with other women.” 



Bridget “Bee” Heeney (CORE Mentee | 2022) 

“Hearing the experiences of others, both good and bad, and what they are doing as they continue to move forward.” 




Thank you to these women for serving our organization in this way!  



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