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Mentor Spotlight: Terez Dorsey

Mentoring is such a monumental experience. The impact you can have on a mentee can be life changing for that individual, but, did you ever think about the impact that mentoring would have on you?  

Below, we hear from Terez Dorsey, a mentor with Woman to Woman Mentoring (W2WM), and learn more about her journey with our organization over the years.  

Terez was attending Frederick Community College and remembers W2WM being advertised throughout the campus. After speaking with a good friend, who was affiliated with the program, she decided to move forward with her interest and join W2WM as a mentor. Terez was and currently is a coach for young cheerleaders. With experience in working with young women, Terez felt like she had the tools to expand her attributes to more women in the community. She began her mentoring journey in 2021 with our CORE Class 25. 

“I decided to join W2WM because I remember being a young adult myself; there was something missing for me. I had no guidance and very few role models or even people I can count on to talk me through my thoughts, especially without their own opinions. I’ve joined W2WM to make a positive impact on someone’s life,“ shared Terez. 

After her first workshop with the cohort, Terez knew that W2WM was the place for her. Being a resource and a confidante to women in the community quickly became so rewarding to Terez. She had found her space and was enjoying getting to touch lives. Little did she know those same lives she was touching would be impacting her just as much! 

“You would think as a mentor you’re here to support the mentees but oh boy do you learn so much from them along the way,” offered Terez. “The mentees are driven and motivated; they just need that voice to help them gain their confidence because if you have a vision, you are not right or wrong if you’re following your dreams.” 

This is not uncommon. Often, our mentors are enamored by how much they learn from their mentees, and other people in their class. Our mentors provide suggestions and different viewpoints, however, our mentees can often bring an unfamiliar perspective because of their unique path. That is the power of W2WM. You can gain a lot in any role you play with our organization.  

“Sometimes they just need guidance and connections to help them move forward and grow. I have over 20 years of relationships I’ve built here in the county but collectively with W2WM I believe there is an unlimited amount of resources available to both mentors and mentees.”  

As the W2WM community continues to grow, Terez has some advice to give to those who may be considering joining the W2WM family: 

 “ If you’re a young adult this program is for you and if you’re an experienced adult like myself this is a program for you as well. We all have something to learn from each other. There’s a quote that says ‘If you cannot see where you’re going, ask someone who has been there before’. To me; this is a very powerful statement and exactly what W2WM is designed to do.” 

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a mentor? Find out how you can volunteer with W2WM and impact your community today by visiting   


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