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W2WM: Top 5 Ways to Thank Your Mentor!

January is National Mentoring Month and during this month, we encourage you to reflect on those who have played a role as a mentor in your journey. Let’s have an attitude of gratitude this month, together.  

Here are 5 ways you can thank your mentor in 2023!

1. Shout them out! 

Give them a shout out on social media. Share your story and how they have helped you along your journey! Make a video, photo collage or use the power of words –whatever you prefer! 

2. Write them a handwritten thank you note 

Write a note expressing your gratitude and progress. Hand it to them personally or send it to their home so they get a nice surprise in their mailbox. BONUS: We are hosting postcard stations at local libraries (C. Burr Artz, Urbana Regional Library, Thurmont, Emmitsburg) throughout the month to make this even easier!

3. Donate in honor of your mentor 

Donate to your favorite organization in honor of your mentor. Give thanks by paying it forward to W2WM or an organization near to your mentor’s heart. Learn more at!

4. Set a Catch Up Date! 

Invite your mentor to a nice coffee (we recommend Dublin Roasters for a Mentorship Mocha), lunch or dinner date to thank them for their investment in you and to give them an update on what’s been going on! Or grab a milkshake together (we have a great Mentoring is KEY lime pie milkshake at Maxwell’s in Downtown Frederick through early February) 

5. Invite them to join you at any of the National Mentoring Month W2WM events! 

Invite your mentor to one of our Mentoring Month events. There are options for everyone!  


Learn more about National Mentoring Month and our W2WM activities at! THANK YOU MENTORS!




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