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Introducing W2WM’s New Alumnae Advisory Council

Our program participants have such fire, unique ideas and experiences, and the drive to help other women, and we are proud to call them alumnae. And we love to see all they have accomplished over the years. As we say to our program participants, “once a part of the W2WM community, always part of the W2WM community.”

For our future participants, we want to ensure that our programs remain impactful and relevant, expand to meet new needs, and bring together all women in our community. To help us do just that, W2WM is launching its inaugural Alumnae Advisory Council. This group of mentee alum will help our board and staff review our programs, help to brainstorm new opportunities for learning and engagement and act as a voice for W2WM alumnae in various efforts.

Mentees, we can’t wait to form this group. If you are interested in joining us, apply to be an inaugural member!



Council Member Requirements:

  • Completed the CORE or STEM program as a mentee
  • Be able to positively represent the W2WM purpose and mission using our brand and committing to pursue the objectives of the council mentioned in the opening paragraph.
  • Be able to demonstrate a passion for women empowerment and mentorship.
  • A willingness to be honest, and creative and use one’s experiences to better W2WM’s mission.

Council Membership:

  • Membership is open to 3-5 alumnae – each alumna serves a two-year term on the Council

Time required of Council members:

  • ~20 hours per year, including meetings, communications, and work in the community.

Council Charge:

  • Gather feedback and recommendations from program alumnae to support the development of alumnae-focused activities and communications.
  • Enhance the overall W2WM experience by reviewing program goals, activities, and more to ensure relevancy and impact
  • Identify new opportunities and resources that will help expose and educate staff and participants to new ideas and experiences
  • Connect W2WM with key partners and communities across Frederick (and the region as applicable) to increase awareness of our programs, recruit and establish new partnerships, and expand the network of program participants.
  • Participate in annual special events and other org-wide fundraising activities.
  • Provide the Board with ongoing reports summarizing the committee’s efforts

Council Authority:

  • The Council will provide recommendations to the Executive Director and Board of Directors to support the organization’s annual goals and desired outcomes.


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