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Mentor Spotlight: Joy Beveridge, Women in STEM+ CORE Programs

by W2WM Senior Program Assistant, Andrea Baker


Pathway to Mentorship

“Becoming a mentor was a natural progression of my leadership role in my career and as a past athlete and coach. The main impetus was the call from Tonya (former W2WM Executive Director) asking if I would be interested in joining the W2WM team. Her passion and commitment to W2WM and its role in mentoring and elevating women in our community is contagious, so I agreed whole heartedly!

While I have never had a formal mentor, I continue to learn and be guided by the actions of one very accomplished woman, professional, mother, and grandmother! Kathy Russell is my former supervisor while I worked at the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University Medical Center from 1994-2002.  She remains one of my closest friends and confidant. I continue to mirror her leadership style and thoughtfulness.”

Mentee & Mentor

“The biggest take-away from my experience as a W2WM mentor is how beneficial participation is for both the mentee AND the mentor. W2WM’s programs allow for thoughtful discussions amongst each cohort, where all feel valued and heard, and allows for appropriate vulnerability to learn and grow from shared experiences and considerations.

Mentees be open to all opportunities and be appropriately confident and ‘aggressive’ to make requests and to be seen! Identify your ‘tribe’, the people who have your back and provide guidance along the way.”

Joyful Joy

The first few memories of Joy that I have, before I ever knew about W2WM, are of her gleefully welcoming students and parents on move in day at Hood College lugging their bags and encouraging them as they embarked on a new journey in their lives by sharing a “Hood Hello”. At the time, all I knew of her was that she was a Hood alum, and wow was she joyful!

Joy served on the W2WM Board of Directors, volunteered for Clutch the Future, participated in our committees, and guided several mentees in both the Women in STEM Program and CORE Program since 2016. I (all of us, really) truly appreciate that Joy is always willing to share her time and experiences with mentees.

In her career, Joy is the Operations Director for the Clinical Monitoring Research Program Directorate (CMRPD) at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. She oversees the portfolio of work that CMRPD manages in support of the National Cancer Institute and other institutes at the National Institutes of Health. Her degrees from Hood College and University of Maryland- Baltimore were in biology and microbiology.

Joy, happy 5-year anniversary of becoming a W2WM Mentor! Thank you for all that you do!


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