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Mentoring Circles Returning in a New Way

W2WM is bringing back Mentoring Circles and we couldn’t be more excited. Plus, we made a few changes to make it more impactful than ever:
  • This is now a FREE program
  • This is now a program focused on supporting women ages 35-60
  • This is still a flexible, short-term with group-based meetups

With small-group meetups for women asking, “What’s next,” Mentoring Circles is a free 10-week program allowing you the unique opportunity to be both the mentor and mentee. This supportive group of Frederick County women aged 35+ will share their experiences, offer perspectives, and leverage hard-won wisdom to help one another achieve their goals. Be part of a truly rewarding experience where accountability and support lead to transformation.

It’s never too late to uncover the next steps in your life, and it’s a journey made all the more rewarding with a community of women to walk alongside you. Find the support and accountability you need to conquer your goals with this peer mentoring program. Interested in joining our pilot this fall? Visit


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