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Becoming Better Together: Latoya & Penny

“I started off 2021 with a theme of becoming better.”

How many of us can say that was truly the case for us, too? After a very unexpected 2020, when 2021 came around, many of us were ready for a better year. 2021 didn’t give us the relief we may have been hoping for as the pandemic still challenged us and our community in so many ways, but there is some positive news: we know many women who absolutely became better during these challenging times. Meet LaToya, Class 23.  

“I was in a stagnant career, I was a newlywed, my son had just become a teenager and like many of you, I wore many hats in my life…. I knew I wanted better, I just didn’t know how or where, what were my goals, how to set goals,” LaToya shared during her Clutch the Future 2022 program story. “But it just so happened that I received a mistaken text message that detailed a program that was life-changing, involved networking, and I knew I needed to find out more.”

That mistaken text message led her to learn more about our CORE Program, which assists women who desire personal and professional guidance to help them move forward. It is a unique model that provides a supportive environment for goal planning, skill-building, and personal development. The goal for those in our CORE program is to offer a space where they can cultivate new relationships that foster increased confidence, self-sufficiency, and connection to our community.

“The intake process was easy and open, and they asked me what I needed and wanted…and I got just that!” LaToya shared as she pointed to her mentee alongside her, Penny.

Penny and LaToya were all in and met every week during the six-month program except when they each went on vacation. They shared questions, discussed past and current struggles, talked about solutions, gained new perspectives, and truly opened a new, trusting relationship that is centered on empowerment and connection.

“This opportunity, when you get to see someone grow… grow in her marriage, going back to school to get a degree, be there for her son, is so worth it. And at the same time, she was investing in me,” shared Penny.

W2WM is currently recruiting for our CORE program with a cohort beginning in late April. If you or someone you know is looking for a community of women to help you make connections, take action, and move forward, learn more at

Hear more from Latoya and Penny and their mentoring journey.



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