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New Transitions? The W2WM Community is Still Here: Meet Erin, Mentee in CORE 10 and CORE 24

A life transition is any change or adjustment that impacts your life in a significant way. We all experience transitions throughout our lives — big and small, planned and unplanned. Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar and face the future with a feeling of vulnerability. Even exciting transitions (buying a home, graduating college, getting your first ‘real’ job) can feel terrifying. That’s because these changes signify entering uncharted territory. When you’re about to embark on a new adventure, and it’s reasonable to feel anxious, sad, or insecure about what lies ahead.

Many women find or decide to participate in a W2WM program because they are facing or have just faced a life transition. That is exactly why we are here! Whether is it one of your first transitions or simply one in a series over the years, our programs and mentoring matches have been created to help you feel heard, take action, and grow through all types of transitions. For some of our mentees, this means we have had the honor of being part of their journey numerous times – as they have participated in our programs more than once. Didn’t realize that was an option? Of course, it is!

Meet Mentee, Erin.

“The first time I participated in the CORE program was in 2015. I was at a crossroads and was going through lots of changes after highschool. I was hoping to work on my self-confidence, find new networking opportunities and develop my leadership skills. I was paired with my Mentor, Vicki, and from day one she was so helpful,” explained Erin.

During CORE Class 10 in 2015, Erin was able to participate in job shadowing thanks to her mentor’s connection, develop skills and relationships through the life-skill workshops provided, and found that she “most definitely” moved forward during that time. “I wrote down three goals at the beginning of my time and several months later, I had achieved them all!”

Erin finished the formal program and continued to keep in touch with Vicki. Yet,  after a few years, she found herself at another transitional period in her life.

“I had just graduated from Frederick Community College and was transitioning to Hood College. I needed help with that transition and the stability I really felt during my first time in the program. I experienced the workshops again, but this time found a new message in each of them. My mentor, Melissa…I feel a really strong connection with her. She reciprocated the energy I put into the program and I valued that immensely,” Erin shared about her CORE 24 experience.

She feels even more confident connecting with people and she and Melissa are still connecting to make progress on Erin’s new goals.

“It’s important to reassess where you are in life – when you are in a new season. It is so beneficial to see new perspectives and Woman to Woman is helpful. I personally believe in certain things happening for a reason and being in that right place at the right time. It feels like you are supposed to be there, you belong there, and you are accepted and it feels good. To have that network of a bunch of different women and backgrounds and perspectives – that is amazing.”

Our CORE and STEM programs are open to women no matter the life transitions one is experiencing. Whether you are an alumna returning after a few years, or have just learned about us recently, we encourage you to learn more about our programs and opportunities for connection. Like we always say, “once you are part of W2WM, you are always part of our community.”




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