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Mentoring Circles Spotlight: Terri Rowe

Transitions happen at all stages of life. And sometimes they can be unexpected. Yet, we know if you have a group of supportive women around you, those life transitions don’t have to be as scary or unknown. Just ask W2WM alumna, Terri.

In 2015, Terri was working with a local nonprofit, and working as a baker on the side.  She was laid off from her position at the nonprofit unexpectedly and instead of jumping right into a job search, she took a moment to think about her goals and baking business. During this transition, she attended a Woman to Woman Mentoring workshop and quickly realized that, though she had a lot of knowledge to provide mentees, she wanted a mentor for herself!  Terri was looking for guidance and perspective on goals she was looking to accomplish. She wanted to find the courage and confidence to pursue her passion.  

While Terri may have been looking for one mentor, she found a whole group of supportive women waiting for her in Woman to Woman Mentoring’s Mentoring Circle. Mentoring Circles are a small group, peer-to-peer mentoring program designed to offer women 35+ the opportunity to find a place to be heard and take action.  Terri felt that from the start, the women in her mentoring circle were able to quickly share and relate to each other’s life experiences, hopes and dreams.  

“Within the first meeting, we quickly learned that we could relate to each other.” 

While continuing in the W2WM Mentoring Circle and focusing on her business, Terri started looking for locations for bakery, Maryland Bakes. She wanted to provide aspiring chefs/ bakers with a place for them to cook/ bake. She also wanted to supply guidance and resources to create success in their businesses. Terri reached out to her mentoring group for support and guidance and received a lot of positive feedback and perspective from her peers. While on the search for a location, Terri was called back to her nonprofit.  She went back to her previous position and juggled both baking and her part-time job for a few years, while still talking with her connections from the Circle.

In 2019, Terri realized it was time for a change. Given the confidence and self awareness she gained throughout the Mentoring Circle experience, she shifted her focus and made the decision to focus on Maryland Bakes full-time!  YES! 

“Without mentoring circles, I wouldn’t have met these women and I wouldn’t have believed in taking the step for myself!” 

Terri’s business has grown exponentially over the last few years and she continuously refers new clients to Woman to Woman Mentoring to ensure they are getting all the support they need. Woman to Woman Mentoring is proud to be part of Terri’s story. 


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