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Mentee Spotlight: Tyla Massey, MBA- Finding Herself in the Professional World

by W2WM Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker

What do you do?

I am a Management Consultant at Deloitte in the Government & Public Services practice developing my knowledge and skills across multiple business disciplines. I am a proud two-time graduate of Hood College earning both a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Prior to being a student at Hood College, I earned my Associates Degree from Frederick Community College.

What were you looking for in a mentor?

As a prior mentee in Woman to Woman Mentoring’s CORE Program, I was looking for someone to help me find my fit within the professional world, but along the way I learned so much more.

What did you learn from your mentor?

My mentor helped instill in me confidence as I began my college career and looked ahead to graduate school and career options. She helped to hone my drive to be the greatest, networked with experienced community leaders, and pinpointed opportunities for me to further excel.

What advice would you give to someone who is seeking out their own mentor?

Develop diverse relationships with people across the spectrum of your life, the best mentors are the one’s that come naturally.

What is your biggest take-away from the CORE Program?

The power of a community of women helping their community of women. The goal is not to just get where you are going, but to turn around and make a way for all those to come after you.

Since you began and ended the CORE Program, how have things changed for you?

As a mentee I was just starting my first semester at Frederick Community College learning to balance all my new responsibilities while mapping out my future and aspirations. Since that time roughly 6 years has passed. I graduated manga cum lade with my BA in Psychology, earned my MBA, worked as an undergraduate intern and graduate fellow for the US Federal Government, and obtained a job at one of the Big 4 Consulting Firms. But beyond all the major milestones there were the smaller accomplishments that brought me where I am today. I spent time as the intern for the FCC Honors Program, served as research assistant in a cognitive psychology lab at Hood, worked as a campus tour guide and overnight host for Hood’s prospective students (one of my favorite jobs yet!), and played golf on the Hood College Women’s Golf Team. Those smaller accomplishments all helped to lead me to where I am today, but beyond myself there is the long list of people who guided me along the way, and to all those people I am grateful.

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