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Mentor Spotlight: Lindsay Burdette, Both the Mentor & the Mentee

by Senior Program Assistant Andrea Baker

Even Mentors Have Mentors!

“Being a mentor is extremely important and it is essential. Mentoring is an honor and privilege and not everyone is suited for such great responsibilities. A mentee may need structure, advice, or a listening ear. It is beautiful when a mentee’s confidence increases because they have discovered a roadmap for success. It delights my heart to see the lasting impact I have on so many wonderful women.  For me, it is rewarding to see a mentee achieve something that they thought was unachievable. It is my desire to inspire and motivate individuals and allow them to see and attain their goals in both their personal and professional life.

“As I reflect upon my goals, my mentors have both the tools and resources to help me achieve my aspirations. Currently, I have two work professional mentors. They are my mentors because they are excellent in their field of work, and I desire the skills and talents they possess. Many of those skills include public speaking, strategic thinking, and execution. I am a federal employee with the Navy as a contract specialist. I have been a federal employee for ten years. I am also an avid reader and I love to travel the world.”


And Mentors Who Do Not Have Mentors, Become the Mentor They Always Wished for!

So often we hear from new mentors that they chose to become a mentor, because they always wished that they had someone to guide and support them one-on-one. They explain how it might have made a difference for them and helped them avoid common pitfalls. Or someone to provide accountability or lend a listening ear. Yet here they are ready forged in the fire and ready to mentor!

Mentorship is not an exclusive club where you need to have had a mentor before you can mentor someone else. Becoming a mentor happens when you have valuable life experiences that you are willing to share AND you are ready to listen and support another who’s experiences and aspirations are different than your own. Become a mentor and be ready to be mentored. The interconnectedness of your relationships with your mentor and mentee is invaluable. People supporting people is truly what makes the world go round.


So, Like Lindsay Says, “…Laugh More and Build Lasting Relationships…”

Lindsay encourages her mentees to “find opportunities to lead and participate in areas or assignments that you know little or nothing about. Find that uncomfortable space and challenge yourself as a means of learning and exceling in that area. Have fun and reach for the starts. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Allow yourself to grow and fail. The failures are what makes us stronger and more resilient. Be yourself and live life to the fullest. Laugh more and build lasting relationships. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek out resources and understand your voice matters. Embrace who you are! Identify your goals and find a path for executing them. ”

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