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The Power of the W2WM Community

W2WM aims to foster connections and create a vibrant community of resilient women who can rely on each other during and after their completion of the program! In this blog post, we will hear from Anna, a recent CORE graduate, about her experience with the program and the invaluable community that she gained from W2WM.  

Have you ever felt nervous or scared about meeting new people? (Our hands are going up in the office reading this!). We hear this quite often, including from a recent CORE Mentee, Anna.  

Anna participated in our CORE program in the Fall of 2022. When she joined the program, she felt those familiar jitters and was convinced that she was alone in experiencing these thoughts. Feeling like she had no clear intentions or goals, Anna was unsure about what she had to contribute to the program. However, one thing was certain for her – she desired a supportive community and wanted to redefine her interactions and create healthier relationships with women. 

“I definitely found myself comparing myself a lot when it came to women, almost intimidated,” shared Anna.  

An icebreaker activity was used to open the CORE Cohort’s first workshop. In this activity, mentors and mentees texted anonymously about how they felt initially. Anna realized that many others shared her anxieties, and this realization became a turning point in her journey. The workshops played a crucial role in connecting Anna with other cohort members. Her favorite workshop involved discovering her strengths through the Clifton Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment, a tool utilized in all of our programs. 

“It was really cool to find out my strengths. I always had a sense of what they were, but I didn’t necessarily know how to put them onto paper or in writing.” Anna expressed. 

Another impactful workshop for Anna was the mentor swap activity, where mentees had the opportunity to interact with mentors who were not originally matched to them. 

“The mentor swap was amazing! I gained diverse perspectives and discovered valuable resources from mentors who approached things differently. Sharing my story and aspirations with these mentors led to several ‘ah-ha’ moments!” Anna exclaimed. 

While we know the importance of one-on-one mentorship matches in providing mentees with support from someone outside their immediate circles, our intentional cohort design promotes the formation of a community. This community brings meaningful conversations, natural connections, and a sense of security, knowing that numerous women are here to support growth and success. 

“I believe that even if you don’t find a perfect mentor match, engaging with other women opens doors to learning and growth through conversations. For instance, I was able to shed light on addiction and advocacy and connect with people who might have previously overlooked these issues,” shared Anna. 

By the end of the CORE cohort, our aim is not only to provide mentees with a mentorship match but also to cultivate a community of women. So many W2WM Women will gladly continue those conversations and discussions beyond the official program engagements.  This allows the women in the CORE program to continue to grow and thrive. 

“I entered this program with a determination to socialize and connect with women. Through discussions about my goals, I gained valuable knowledge and insights from these women, setting me on a path to making a difference in addiction-related issues within my community. I hadn’t realized before that sharing my ideas with others is essential. You never know who can help you organize your thoughts, provide resources, or offer support. This program has been incredibly helpful,” Anna shared. 

If you resonate with Anna’s initial nerves or anxieties about joining such programs, please know that we are always here to chat. Or you can take Anna’s advice: ” Go for it! Dive right in and do it at 100% and wholeheartedly with an open mind. There is a lot to gain from this program and more people need to be aware of this resource.”  

If you or someone you know is looking to build a strong community but does not know where to begin, follow this link for more information on how you can gain, not only a community but a family and a support system that will last a lifetime! Become a Mentee | Woman To Woman Mentoring 


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