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Ashley Waters Announces Departure as W2WM Executive Director

After nearly two years of dedicated service, Ashley Waters has announced her departure from Woman to Woman Mentoring as the Executive Director. Waters has been an integral part of the organization’s growth and success, leaving behind a legacy of empowering women through mentorship. Her final day with the organization is July 21st.

During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in expanding the reach and impact of Woman to Woman Mentoring. Under her leadership, the organization experienced significant growth, establishing numerous mentoring programs and partnerships that positively impacted the lives of countless women.

Waters’ passion for empowering women and her commitment to fostering meaningful connections have been instrumental in the success of Woman to Woman Mentoring. Her dedication to the mission, vision, and values has inspired both mentors and mentees alike, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on Waters’ time with the organization, Chair of the Board, Andi Overton, Ed.D  expressed her gratitude for Ashley’s service as the Executive Director. She stated, “It has been an incredible journey having Ashley at the helm of  Woman to Woman Mentoring and witnessing the transformative power of mentorship. I am immensely proud of what she has achieved in the community and the lives changed. I am confident that the organization will continue to thrive and make a lasting impact under the foundation Ashley has built.”

The Board of Directors at Woman to Woman Mentoring is grateful for her leadership and the positive changes she has brought to the organization. They are actively searching for a new Executive Director who will continue to drive the mission forward.

As Woman to Woman Mentoring embarks on this new chapter, they remain committed to their vision of empowering women through mentorship. The organization will continue to provide valuable resources, support, and guidance to women in need, ensuring they have the tools to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.


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