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Woman to Woman Mentoring and Platoon 22 Announce Partnership to Offer Mentoring Circles to the Women of Platoon 22 Families

Woman to Woman Mentoring (W2WM) and Platoon 22 are thrilled to announce a partnership that will offer Mentoring Circles to the women of Platoon 22 families. These short-term, group-based meetups are designed to empower women to explore “what’s next” and provide the support and accountability needed to achieve their goals. 

W2WM’s Mentoring Circles program has recently been redesigned as a free opportunity to help women find the guidance and encouragement they need to overcome obstacles and pursue their goals. By joining forces with Platoon 22, W2WM is extending its mission to support women in all areas of their lives, including those who have served or have a loved one in the military. 

“Military life can be challenging for both service members and their families, and we believe that our Mentoring Circles can help provide a sense of community and support,” said Ashley Waters, Executive Director of W2WM. “We are thrilled to partner with Platoon 22 to offer this opportunity to female veterans, spouses, and other caretakers who may find it hard to spend time on themselves.” 

Mentoring Circles are a rewarding experience that allow participants to be both the mentor and the mentee. By engaging in group-based discussions and activities, women can gain valuable insights, connections, and motivation to achieve their goals. Whether seeking career advice, personal growth, or simply a supportive community, Mentoring Circles provide a safe space for women to share their experiences and learn from each other. 

“We are excited to partner with Woman to Woman Mentoring to offer Mentoring Circles to our community of military families,” said Niki Falzone, Executive Director of Platoon 22. “We know how important it is for women to have a supportive network, and we believe that Mentoring Circles can help fill that gap.” 

The mentoring circles will begin in May 2023 and will be held at Platoon 22’s Veterans Service Center.  Women who are interested in participating can contact Platoon 22 directly for more information. 


About Woman to Woman Mentoring: 

Woman to Woman Mentoring is a nonprofit organization with a mission to cultivate mentoring relationships that provide women with guidance, support and community connections. For more information, visit 

About Platoon 22: 

Platoon 22 is a nonprofit organization that provides Veteran focused transitional support services. Our mission is to end Veteran suicide through the successful reintegration of service members and families by assembling critical resources, providing peer support, and developing transitional programs. the organization provides care coordination, recreational opportunities, peer support, critical financial assistance, and operates the Platoon Veteran Services Center. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Ashley Waters, Executive Director, Woman to Woman Mentoring | 240-650-0626 



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