B.W., Mentee

My mentor was the best! There was nothing that we didn’t talk about. She encouraged me in every area of my life. She gave great advice and helped me seek out opportunities.

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C.L., Mentee

More of these programs should be made accessible to women/girls all over the world

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K.C., Mentee

I really enjoyed being in a room full of STEM women. I have usually worked with only men in the tech field, both in classes and in my job. It was inspiring to see the amount of women who care about STEM.

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A.S., Mentee

This is the most empowering experience I have ever had. I was feeling lost in my career and as a person. This program helped me gain clarity, confidence and patience. This program showed me that it is okay to not always know where I am going. But with goal setting

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K.P., Mentee

Definitely wouldn’t be here without W2WM, Inc! — feeling extremely thankful for the program and relieved that all the hard work is paying off!

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J.A., Mentee

Before, I was so quick to see the value in others… but not necessarily myself. I went from “I don’t think I’m good enough” or ” I would have no idea how to start my own business ” to “Why not? It sounds like an adventure!” My mentor was there

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